5K Here I Come

When last I posted, all was well. Now it’s less well. Back on prednisone. Back to soaring glucose. Is anyone else out there as frustrated as I am?

THIS time I’m fed up enough that I’m fighting mad. Oh. Wait. I was last time, too.

Okay. THIS time I just cannot be sanguine about one more cycle of this s#$%. I have a new doctor who is only interested in what she refers to as the numbers. Glucose LogSince I came in with a glucose meter that showed everything and that was not enough, we did not get off to an enchanting start. Still, I need this to work if I’m to get what I need.

SO – I created my own personal go-to meals for Breakfast and Lunch. Since I managed to get that 45 carbs was okay from her, I made them for that. If it turns out that’s too many, I can easily drop a car serving when necessary, but FIRST I’d like her to focus on the fact that glucose levels at 20 mg of prednisone are not glucose levels at 40 mg of prednisone.

I see her Friday. I can oh-so-wait.

However, being that I’m sick and tired of being a pincushion doubling as a science experiment, I’ve also decided that this is the time in my life to at least walk a 5K. So I’ve started with Couch to 5K while I’m breathing well due to the 40 mg of prednisone. (Does all of this make anyone else dizzy?)

older woman runningActually, the thing that actually got me to get the latest version and get moving was that one of my kids said I’m always recommending that app. My reply was “yes! because I would love to be the one doing it!” So I decided, why not at least give it a try.

Monday was my first day. Today I’ll just walk around in a circle for 30 minutes while I watch Jeopardy. Tomorrow I do the Couch to 5K thing again. AND I’m going to Run Like  Mother  – or at least walk like one! The reality of my mom-life is that now that my kids are older, there’s still no time for myself because I gave that time up years ago. Well, I’m taking it back!

Fingers crossed that all of this works. And that when I bring the numbers to my doctor on Friday, we have a meeting of the minds.

-Mia (Because somebody’s got to be out there making everyone else look good)


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