Step 2

I cannot believe that I have walked 10,000 steps each day for nearly two weeks. I think I’ve done it’s because there’s really no reason I can’t do it if I’m not wheezing my brains out from asthma. True, I’ve walked about 60 miles and not gone anywhere. True, it’s hardly been exciting. However, looking at the bar chart on my FitBit app is making me exceedingly happy. I’m keeping at this for two more weeks and then I’m going to try the Treadclimber. Continue reading



As you’ve seen, I have absolutely no idea how to get the images at the top of my post to be the size that shows the top of the image rather than the bottom! LOL. Drives me nuts, and it’s on my list of things to take care of, which means it could take a while. In the meantime, I’m going to give bottom-heavy images a try. Continue reading

Can I Stop Now

So I’ve walked at least 10,000 steps for 8 days. On average it has been 10,400 steps per day or about 4.24 miles per day. I tell you this because, with this much time and effort, I might actually have arrived somewhere, but no, I have been walking inside my house – mostly. It’s either a testament to my tenacity or my stupidity that I’ve set upon this as the thing I can and will do each day, but here it is. And here is what I’ve discovered: Continue reading

Making Progress

So. It’s been three days with 10,000 steps. (Believe me, any additional steps have been purely accidental!) It isn’t difficult to do. It just takes a lot of time! I’m sure those of you who are already doing 10,000 steps know that, but it was a surprise to me!! I just basically walk around like a fool at the end of the day as my kids watch in fascinated horror. They probably think I’ve lost my mind – and if things don’t improve with this Type 2 business, I just might opt for that. Continue reading

Starting – Again

The bottom line of all this Type 2 stuff? It might be easy for some people (I actually met someone once) but it is not easy for me. I start out well enough, but it doesn’t just end then. It’s not like building a bookshelf or losing 5 pounds. It’s like juggling something that doesn’t even always follow the rules of logic while trying to live my life and juggle all the things I was already juggling. Continue reading