Starting – Again

The bottom line of all this Type 2 stuff? It might be easy for some people (I actually met someone once) but it is not easy for me. I start out well enough, but it doesn’t just end then. It’s not like building a bookshelf or losing 5 pounds. It’s like juggling something that doesn’t even always follow the rules of logic while trying to live my life and juggle all the things I was already juggling.

It feels to me that I have tried everything. Then again, it also occurs to me that when I don’t get a result within a few weeks, I get frustrated. I’m working on the glucose levels and then I need to increase my prednisone for my asthma and that drives up the glucose levels. So the step we were about to take about glucose levels gets shoved aside while the glucose spikes from prednisone take priority. Or I ignore the wheezing so I don’t have to up my prednisone – until I have to go to the ER or use a nebulizer every four hours around the clock for asthma while I’m still doing things for Type 2. I haven’t been able to conquer one part because the other part gets in the way.

And you know what? That’s just the way it is.

So – I have decided to just go all-in. I mean all-in. I’m sitting down like an obsessive nut and planning meals for the week, pricking my fingers until they’re sore and doing insulin and Lantus, adding Xolair and allergy shots to the mix to see if they do anything to improve my asthma. And making sure I get at least 5,000 steps per day in – even if they are steps I take around my own kitchen because I’m wheezing or the cold air makes me wheeze. I mean, face it. The probability that I’m going to be a Mall Walker at 7:30 in the morning is about the same probability that I’m going to do all this health-related stuff and dust the house every other day and vacuum each week and cook dinner every night and work as a freelance writer and keep track of my kids.

But you know what? If I can pull off even 50% of that, I’ll be way ahead of where I am now. I’ll also feel a lot better about my life because as sad as it makes me to say this, no one is riding over the hill to save the day. SO here goes.

  1. I’m nearly done laying out 15 meals that are carb-correct. I’ve got a zillion cookbooks that do that for me, but for some reason, this is making me happier. I’m putting them on index cards that are easy to sort and handle. It’s not recipes so much as what I’m eating. I think I’ll incorporate the meals from the books and magazines as I go along. The meals are for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. I just choose which ones I want for the week and make the grocery list. Everyone eats the same meals for Breakfast and Dinner. Why not? They’re good meals now that I’ve got the hang of it and remember to put in some fat so everyone isn’t starving an hour after we eat. I’m even going to the new Diabetes Cooking classes at the hospital near where I live starting with the first one next month. The meal cards have a protein, carbs, fat, veggies. I know. Rocket Science – not. But they make me feel like I have a choice I like and that I’m in control. I’ve tried a few and the rest of the family likes it. I’m going to continue with that.
  2. I wear my Fitbit every day. Yes every day. It’s tiny. It hooks on the waist of my panties or on my bra strap. It doesn’t fall off or get  knocked off. It’s not in the way at all. And it’s SIMPLE. It only cares about my steps. It’s not telling me how many times I woke up at night or monitoring my heart rate. It’s counting steps. I can add how much water I drank if I want in the online app. Or I can ignore that. I like that it syncs with the app on my phone and I can track my steps each day. My goal was 3,000 steps per day. I’ve upped it to 5,000. In mid-March, I’m going for 7,500. Then I’m going for 10,000. If I go outside, I’ll be allergic to something for sure, so I walk inside. I go to the supermarket – good for 3,000 steps in a snap –  or walk around like a fool while I watch a half-hour show on TV. The steps don’t matter where they’re taken.
  3. I’m putting all my medication in one of those day tracker things. The ones that are at dinner are down in the kitchen. The puffers are in a bag beside the morning and evening medications. I don’t mind taking the stuff as much as I mind tracking all of it. I tried a mail order pharmacy that would put it in neat little bags and first try they switched everything to different generics and that caused allergy-related problems. So the easiest thing is just to count it all out. And you know, I think I may get a couple more of these pill things and just count it all out for the month and be done with it. Yeah. I like that idea.
  4. Going to the allergist 3x/week for allergy shots is just a drag. So I’m going to stop worrying that I have work to do for a client and either bring what I can do there with me or read an actual book. I know. Not my idea of me-time, but doing it my way is getting me nowhere.

When I write it all down here, it doesn’t seem to bad. It even seems silly to be noncompliant with any of it. I can do this.

Thanks for listening.


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