Step 2

I cannot believe that I have walked 10,000 steps each day for nearly two weeks. I think I’ve done it’s because there’s really no reason I can’t do it if I’m not wheezing my brains out from asthma. True, I’ve walked about 60 miles and not gone anywhere. True, it’s hardly been exciting. However, looking at the bar chart on my FitBit app is making me exceedingly happy. I’m keeping at this for two more weeks and then I’m going to try the Treadclimber.Now that I’ve got the walking 10,000 steps thing going, I’m going for the next easy thing. I’ve decided that is soup. I know. Not exactly an exciting thing either, but I figure it this way: If I make soup of some sort for dinner to go with dinner, it will be a way to have healthy things and be full at the end, instead of feeling like I’ve technically had dinner but wish it felt like more than a big snack. OR a meal with a giant salad – yet again.

The problem with the soup thing is that I want new ideas, so I’m looking in recipe books. They don’t include carb counts unless they are Diabetes cookbooks. Then it occurred to me that I could figure out the carbs one time and cook the soup multiple times. As long as I’m doing that, I’m going to post the recipes here. I can’t guaranty my carb count is correct, so I’ll put the carbs in the ingredients along with the recipe. If you decide the carb count is wrong, please let me know.

Sometimes I make a really simple broth with thin-sliced veggies. That’s going to first. I’ll post that tomorrow. I’m not sure what Step 3 will be, but I believe the 10,000 steps and a soup with dinner is a good way to begin.

(Now to find an image that has most of the image at the bottom of the image …)

Stay well!


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