A Funny Thing Happened/Dexcom

You may recall that I was tearing up the floors in my house, doing 12,000 steps per day. I was gaining an entirely new level of control over my glucose and feeling generally like Super Woman. Type 2 was going down! Until …

So I had a callous on the bottom of my toe. It didn’t hurt and I didn’t pay any attention to it until it hurt. Turns out there was an unsightly hole in my toe underneath that callous. Who knew. Enter the podiatrist. A nice guy who poked around and wrapped it up and told me to not walk on it until he told me it was okay. Enter the spring of my discontent when he mentioned that I will need special shoes for walking.

Okay. So I thought I’d just switch to an exercise bike. I’m nothing‚Äč if not resilient, however reluctant I may be in the face of change. But that wasn’t a good idea because‚Äč it somehow made my levels go low – the thing about diabetes that freaks me out the most. Enter sticking my fingers a gazillion times and trying to get an answer from my old endo that did not begin and end with “show me your numbers.”

Enter my new endocrinologist. Not only did she replace my sliding scale with correction factors and mealtime carb handling – breaking the scale into independent pieces – but also start me on Tresiba. So with a new long-acting insulin and a new scale and a new idea of exercise, I did what any fool would do. I worried. She asked how often I took my glucose and I told her 6x on a normal day. A gazillion times on a day when things were not going well.

Enter the Continuous Glucose Monitor – GCM – by Dexcom. I’m actually happy to have it, despite any hesitation in my other post. I thought it was coming today and was sad to hear it’s not coming until Friday.

I’m looking forward to popping that sucker on and taking a spin on my bike without having to stop and check my glucose. Something other than me is going to do the vigilant watching. I think it’s going to feel great.

~ Mia


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