Carb Counting

I have finally mastered the art of carb counting – I think. I mean, it’s not as simple as just knowing the number of carbs. That provides the most bare bones meal possible. Totally unsatisfying to my mind, and not the least bit conducive to adherence.

What I’m up to these days that is making a HUGE difference is adhering to 30 g of carb a meal and 20-30 for snacks. Plus 20 at bedtime to prevent a morning high.

My old process was to take my all-too-scant amount of rice or pasta and put it on my plate. Then add my pathetic chicken breast. Then dutifully add a few slices of avocado for fat. Honestly, who wants to eat that way for one day. Forget about for a lifetime.

New plan. I decide on the carb and then dress it up. I do things to it that I’m not even sure I like. For instance, I add Pico de gallo or salsa, I sautee onions and mushrooms and put them on top, I sprinkle some bell peppers – other than green because those are bitter – into the rice. In short, I keep the carb count but expand the volume.

Then I tackle the chicken breast. I poach it in chicken broth. I put a bit of bbq sauce on it and cook it that way. I marinate it in a garlic and olive oil mixture. I make a quick roux and create a gravy with chicken stock. In short, I make it juicy. Then I add some actual flavor in the form of chili flakes, or paprika, or garlic. SOMETHING to make it appetizing.

I then add a veggie to the dish. It can be sauteed cauliflower, broccoli, a mix of veggies. It can also be fruit if I’d like, but then it needs to be a bit filling so I find it’s best to go for veggies here. And I mix some fat in, in the form of cheese of some sort, or butter, or sour cream.

If I’ve taken less rice than the full 30 g of carb, I use it for dessert of sliced berries or other fruit.

All of this turns out to be far more than I have been eating. It results in far better glucose control. My highs are lower (also due to Tresiba) and my swings are far less dramatic. And I lost 5 pounds this month, eating better than I have in more than five years.

If you try this, let me know how you do!



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