Carbs w Veggies

I think I have solved a very vexing problem. Rather than have the tantalizing carbs on my plate, pathetically small and lonely, I have decided to mix in the veggies in a variety of ways. That way I am not faced with cups of vegetables that definitely add to my feeling of carb craving.

Don’t get me wrong. I love vegetables. I love to eat them raw with dip or cheese, or steamed. I just don’t like them staring at me every singled night at dinner. I mean, come on, where’s the variety? Where’s the verve? Where’s the call to my taste buds?

My new approach is to start with the carb. Let’s say it’s rice. Rather than just dump it in a mound on my plate, how about making that rice into something I truly want to eat? And something that is going to be filling? How about some salsa or pico de gallo in there? How about some butter – aka fat – or a bit of a gravy made with a quick roux and some stock? How about some sautéed mushrooms or some wilted spinach cut small? The only limit is your creativity.

For me, starting with the carb and putting my vegetables in with the carb has become a sort of contest: How many different ways can I start with 30g of a carb and wind up with something that makes me wishing for more?

This is my Type2 hack. How about you?



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