Dexcom Life

Is it Doing Anything
I’ve been wearing this Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) for more than a week now. Mostly, I’m loving it. There are times when it is definitely 20% different from my meter, but then there are times when it is dead on accurate. Mostly, it helps me to know when I’m heading beyond whatever level I set – at the moment, more a problem for me than heading too low – so that I can use a correction does of insulin to keep things sane. Between the Tresiba at night, the new dosing schedule for Humalog, and the ability to see my glucose levels without 15 or more finger pricks per day, I definitely have my glucose under better control – and we’re just getting started.

Here are answers to your Dexcom questions

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Can I Stop Now

So I’ve walked at least 10,000 steps for 8 days. On average it has been 10,400 steps per day or about 4.24 miles per day. I tell you this because, with this much time and effort, I might actually have arrived somewhere, but no, I have been walking inside my house – mostly. It’s either a testament to my tenacity or my stupidity that I’ve set uponĀ this as the thing I can and will do each day, but here it is. And here is what I’ve discovered: Continue reading