Pita Pizza

So yesterday I decided to try a spin on pizza for lunch. I made a personal pizza with vegetables and chicken and a pita. I didn’t open the pita because it made a sort of cup for the stuff on top. I put mozzarella on top, placed it directly on the oven rack so that it wouldn’t be soggy, placed a cookie sheet on the rack below in case it leaked, and broiled it until the cheese was just right. I was happily stuffed! Continue reading

Step 2

I cannot believe that I have walked 10,000 steps each day for nearly two weeks. I think I’ve done it’s because there’s really no reason I can’t do it if I’m not wheezing my brains out from asthma. True, I’ve walked about 60 miles and not gone anywhere. True, it’s hardly been exciting. However, looking at the bar chart on my FitBit app is making me exceedingly happy. I’m keeping at this for two more weeks and then I’m going to try the Treadclimber. Continue reading