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It’s probably clear by now that I am a wannabe organized person. I try. I honestly do, but by midweek, things start to fall apart. The trick for me is proving to be to anticipate this, to plan for this, and to view this as a Plot Twist rather than a failure of character. This new approach has gotten me a LOT further than self-recrimination and frenzied attempts to stick to the plan. Planning to go off plan actually is now part of the plan. Genius.

This section is dedicated to meal planning and recipes of all kinds. My glucose is hard to anticipate because I am often on prednisone at some dose or another. With that in mind, I eat 30g of carbs at a meal and 20g at a snack. I also realized in my diabetes class, that I tend to cook without fat. Not a good idea. As a result, I include healthy fats in the recipes whenever possible. One caveat: I’m not a nutritionist, so please check that my carb counts make sense to you. I’ll include all relevant info so that it’s simple for you to do.

I’m going to come up with things that make me happy. That means delicious breakfasts, some type of snack, good lunches, dinners that keep the family cheering, and late night mini-snacks. Eventually, I hope to include desserts, but I know my limits! I’m going for the soups first.








Making Progress

So. It’s been three days with 10,000 steps. (Believe me, any additional steps have been purely accidental!) It isn’t difficult to do. It just takes a lot of time! I’m sure those of you who are already doing 10,000 steps know that, but it was a surprise to me!! I just basically walk around like a fool at the end of the day as my kids watch in fascinated horror. They probably think I’ve lost my mind – and if things don’t improve with this Type 2 business, I just might opt for that. Continue reading